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A Breton is a tiny mischievous creature, like an imp, except with stunning and dashing looks, so it does not appear to be dangerous. Although it can slit your throat with ease and the utmost of celerity.
Johnny- “Hey I think I just heard a Bret”(slits throat.) /dies 
Timothy- “Woah that must be a Breton, I’m getting the fuck out of h”(slits throat) /dies
the only definition of the name “Breton” on urbandictionary.

That’s meeeeeee


Naropa Institute
Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs, Philip Whalen,  Naropa Institute’s first session  Boulder, Colorado, June 1974,  Photo c. Rachel Homer.
So he drank himself to death. Which is only another way of living, of handling the pain and foolishness of knowing that it’s all a dream, a great, baffling, silly emptiness, after all. Allen Ginsberg, on Jack Kerouac (via lucarr)

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ROAD TRIP to Eugene today to visit my girlfriend!! *_*

Bloody clever! @b0rdalo_ii in Portugal replaced the side of a bin with clear Perspex then painted a TV. Enough said. More at http://globalstreetart.com/bordalo-ii.
I might buy this http://www.omocat-shop.com/products/prettyboy-tank
look what came in the mail for my birthday!

Ritz Cracker
*pushes back selfie release date*

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